Recommended ecocentric books

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Abundant Earth: Toward an Ecological Civilization
A book in which Eileen Crist documents the rising tide of biodiversity loss, laying out the drivers of this wholesale destruction, and also explores how we can push past them.

Ecological Ethics (updated 2nd edition)
A comprehensive and rigorous, yet highly readable, textbook by Patrick Curry outlining the urgent need for, and implications of, an ecocentric ethic.

Home Place: Essays on Ecology
A collection of essays by Stan Rowe that are centered on the idea of the Earth as "Home Place" and demonstrating why humans are not the sole expression of importance in the Ecosphere.

Earth Alive: Essays on Ecology
A collection of thought-provoking essays, short pieces, and reviews by Stan Rowe that explore and uncover the intimate connections between humans and the Ecosphere.

A Sand County Almanac (and Sketches Here and There)
Observations and essays by forest ecologist Aldo Leopold, including the statement of his Land Ethic.

Keeping the Wild: Against the Domestication of Earth
An anthology of writing that critiques the attack on traditional conservation made by "Anthropocene boosters" and provides unapologetic advocacy for wild nature.

Protecting the Wild: Parks and Wilderness, the Foundation for Conservation
A companion anthology to Keeping the Wild reaffirming why wilderness areas and other reserves are indispensable for sustaining biodiversity, ecological processes, and evolutionary potential.

Life on the Brink: Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation
A collection of writing illustrating why, from the Earth's perspective, it is so important that we address the population crisis.

The Arrogance of Humanism
David Ehrenfeld's classic indictment of the anti-ecological philosophy of modern humanism.

Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice
A seminal work in inspiring the global movement to recognize rights for non-human nature.